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Owning Company: Funeral Partners Ltd
Harrison Funeral Home is a long-established London funeral service with branches in Enfield, Winchmore Hill, Highgate and Walthamstow.
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Simple Funerals from £1500
For clients requiring a simple funeral with minimal professional services and limited options. The simple funeral will be provided and the hearse will take the deceased to the nearest cemetery or crematorium.
Personal Funerals
This option allows you to personalise the funeral and add additional items. Your funeral director can offer advice and guidance.
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Harrison Funeral Home was established in 2002 originally in Enfield, followed by funeral homes in Highgate in 2010, Winchmore Hill in 2012 and Walthamstow in 2014.
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201 Forest Road


3 stars out of 4 reviews
2 years ago
Stay away from this funeral directorsThey don’t support families.Managers lie and don’t communicate regarding important issues.My family asked for horse and carriage we never got it as they booked it to late. As apparently their company was on a Xmas holiday but had 2 weeks to book it.Managers took weeks to pay the cemetery to secure a date for ...
Sonia Cousier via Google
4 years ago
I am Nicolas.....I would like to say that Harrison Funeral Home is one of the best funeral service providers in London at low cost. They are good helping hand.
Nicolas Thomas via Google
5 years ago
At low times, when you have lost someone close, you are hardly left with any energy and mood to get things work for the prayer meet. Last time, I was lucky that I contacted Harrison Funeral Home, to get things work well even when we all were low in energy and upset.
Robert Peter via Google
3 years ago
John Rhule via Google