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Central England Co-operative
We are a funeral director in Melton Mowbray , United Kingdom dedicated to helping your family when in need. For more information please contact us.
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Simple Funerals
For clients requiring a simple funeral with minimal professional services and limited options. The simple funeral will be provided and the hearse will take the deceased to the nearest cemetery or crematorium.
Personal Funerals
This option allows you to personalise the funeral and add additional items. Your funeral director can offer advice and guidance.
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10 months ago
I felt compelled to write a review after seeing a negative rating which has very much skewed the view of what I consider to be the most compassionate, professional and well organised funeral directors. They have gently and thoughtfully guided us through the process of planning 2 funerals in our family this year. Their knowledge is incredible and...
Alison Eivors via Google
a year ago
The best funeral directors I've dealt with - and I've handled the deaths of both my parents and parents-in-law. Very sensitive treatment and personal service even though my father-in-law was under a funeral plan (not co-op!). They organised everything extremely well and provided a celebrant who seemed like a family member on the occasion. Excell...
Mark Nesbit via Google
11 months ago
The service we received from Richard Barnes when Mum died recently is every bit as good as it was 25 years ago when my father died. A thoroughly professional service; kindness and sensitivity throughout for which we are extremely grateful.
Barry Payne via Google
a year ago
This is co op funerals don't let them deceive u. They buy independent funerals homes and keep the same name. Co op as seen on channel 4tv dispatches programme. Google it and go elsewhere
Claire Spalding via Google