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We are a funeral director in Glasgow , United Kingdom dedicated to helping your family when in need. For more information please contact us.
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Simple Funerals from £1499
For clients requiring a simple funeral with minimal professional services and limited options. The simple funeral will be provided and the hearse will take the deceased to the nearest cemetery or crematorium.
Personal Funerals
This option allows you to personalise the funeral and add additional items. Your funeral director can offer advice and guidance.
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240 Glasgow Road, Rutherglen


3.6 stars out of 26 reviews
3 months ago
Fosters in Rutherglen helped me arrange my husbands funeral. The service I received was excellent and they helped me through the whole process. Jackie Wilson helped me through with empathy and understanding. Nothing was a bother I even phoned her day before funeral to ask if Rolling Stones could be played in the hearse! Not a problem she said!Th...
Fiona Laverty via Google
2 months ago
Cannot recommend this company highly enough. Professional and caring staff who guided me through the many difficulties of arranging a funeral during lockdown. It is worth noting that whilst this company is known for providing services at a very competitive price, they provide the same high quality service and products of any other funeral direc...
Janice Rossiter via Google
2 months ago
The service that I received was the best you can get from Fosters Funerals the way all the staff looked after me at my daughter Karen’s funeral was second to none many thanks from all the Mylchreest’s also to Angela in Stirling’s branch a very big thanks for everything you did for me x
betty mylchreest via Google
2 months ago
Would not recommend at all. Fosters did my aunts funeral a couple of weeks ago and the funeral director was arrogant and full of himself. Made it about himself rather than her and my family. Don't think he should be in the job the way he was speaking. I'm sure his name was John (mid 50's and had glasses) Also they've cold called me and my family...
J Boyle via Google
8 months ago
I bought a direct cremation plan on 23 October 2019 , Alasdair Mc Nab came to my home and gave me good advice, to be honest I was dreading the visit from Alasdair, as I was thinking he would be pressing me into a plan that I did not want. but he did not pressure me into anything. Alasdair was easy to talk to, and very professional. thanks Alasd...
michael mclaughlin via Google