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Owning Company: Central England Co-operative
We are a funeral director in Crick , United Kingdom dedicated to helping your family when in need. For more information please contact us.
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Simple Funerals
For clients requiring a simple funeral with minimal professional services and limited options. The simple funeral will be provided and the hearse will take the deceased to the nearest cemetery or crematorium.
Personal Funerals
This option allows you to personalise the funeral and add additional items. Your funeral director can offer advice and guidance.
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3.7 stars out of 3 reviews
a year ago
This is a most difficult time but i'm so glad that I have found Towers. Everyone I know has recommended this company and I can see why. They can''t do enough for my family and I. They are thoughtful, kind, professional and I can understand why this is the number one funeral directors over here.
Donna Criswell-Sanderson via Google
2 years ago
Very well looked after by the team, all very helpful and sympathetic. Were always available to chat as more questions came forward. In short...a much better experience than could have hoped for during a difficult time.Many thanks Chris and Jasmine
Chris C via Google
4 years ago
A CATALOGUE OF UNFORGIVABLE ERRORS with the cheek to send a letter of NON apology for appalling mistakes made, FAULTY TOWERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Baldry via Google