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Owning Company: Funeral Partners Ltd
We are a funeral director in Leeds , United Kingdom dedicated to helping your family when in need. For more information please contact us.
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Simple Funerals
For clients requiring a simple funeral with minimal professional services and limited options. The simple funeral will be provided and the hearse will take the deceased to the nearest cemetery or crematorium.
Personal Funerals
This option allows you to personalise the funeral and add additional items. Your funeral director can offer advice and guidance.
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4 months ago
I highly recommend Wm. Dodgson & Son as they have provided a very kind, sympathetic and professional service from their first contact with me. They have been thoughtful and accommodating at every stage and extremely efficient. The support and guidance of Andy and Geoff has guided and reassured me and nothing was too much trouble for them. During...
Sue Loye via Google
2 months ago
This is the second time in just over a year we have needed the services of Wm Dodgson. This company delivered the service to our family with the utmost professionalism combined with the dignity and respect so essential at a time of grieving. They would be the very first I would turn to should the need arise again. I would recommend anyone to co...
Jim Reece via Google
2 months ago
Wm.Dodgson & Son delivered a service way above our expectations for my mother's care and funeral. Silver cars, additional services and most important of all, a caring sensitive approach with my family from beginning to end.... highly recommended....will use them again....but hopefully not too soon !
Chris Brown via Google
3 months ago
Cannot thank the guys at Dodgsons enough. My dad wasn’t looking at his best when he passed and they made him look like his old self. I am so thankful to them for all they did especially as it was the Easter bank holiday weekend when my dad passed. I was able to see him at the chapel of rest over the following bank holiday which I really needed....
Paula Moses via Google
3 months ago
Top marks to Geoff and David. Most helpful, guided us through everything and were most empathetic
Geoff Thomas via Google